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About Us

KHUKURI CRAFT is established with the purpose of delivering fine authentic historical Nepali branded weapon/ tool to the world. These weapons or tools have been used to win many battles with the aim to unite Nepal's then small and spread-out interdependent countries. To wear a khukuri on man's chest or belt was once considered a huge pride or a sign of bravery. It has been the characteristic weapon of the Gorkhali Army. Besides historical values, khukuris have been an absolute choice of collectors and home decorators. Just as any art piece, it adds values to the room's decor. Designing and making high-quality khukuris of various models to cater to different types of clientele has been the main focus of KHUKURI CRAFT for almost three decades. 

The Khukuri is the original Nepalese term for the blade whereas it is also known as kukri, kukkri, and khukri in other parts of the world. Khukuris vary in dimensions, shapes, and sizes depending on three main characteristics; the regions where they were originated, the smiths that manufactured them and the purpose for their made. To maintain the sharp edge, khukuri is made with a hard and tempered edge along with a softer spine. They are primarily made for chopping and slashing. It is used as the regular household tool as well.

The Bishwokarma or Kami, the designated caste, have been engaged in this trade for centuries. They are the inheritors of the art of khukuri making. The current generation is probably the 12th in this business. These smiths toiled day in and day out to shape each of the crafts by hand, utilizing both modern and centuries-old techniques. High-grade carbon steel is hammered by hand as soon as it is taken out of the blazing fire, and then polished and sharpened by the master craftsmen to give it a finished look and get it ready for the market. The tools used to work nowadays might have been modified from earlier times but it has essentially evolved from that of the past.

Our specialty in forging these tools ranges from souvenirs, ceremonials, and traditional army knives to the high-quality custom made” products. Khukuris come in all shapes and sizes with various price tags. The craftsmen in our factory are descended to Kathmandu Valley from various parts of Nepal incorporating varieties of techniques and designs while crafting these fine steel art. Due to their comprehensive knowledge and experience, they are highly skilled to manufacture any style or design assigned to them.  

You are welcome to visit our store at Gangalal Marga, Yetkha, Kathmandu to appreciate the wide ranges of art pieces that we offer!